London - English Blazer - 100ml EdT for Men


London - English Blazer - 100ml EdT for Men

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1 ml = 0,30 €

1 ml = 0,30 €

English Blazer - London - 100ml Eau de Toilette for Men

Tradition seit 1951 - English Blazer

This masculine fragrance is completely seductive and leaves a remarkably classic scent.
Its soothing smell stimulates your senses and infuses great freshness into you.
Its clean and crisp smell refreshes your senses and makes you feel wanted as you go around.

frisch und aromatisch

Kopfnote:  Ingwer, Eisenkraut, grüne Limette
Herznote:  Lavendel, sibirische Kiefer
Basisnote: Kashmirholz, Sandelholz, Tonkabohne

Grundpreis: 0,30 € / ml

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